Special Events

Who we are!

Northern Arizona Flycasters & Trout Unlimited Combined Meeting

Meeting Time & Location
At 7:00 PM, First Wednesday of each month at Arizona Game and Fish
3500 Lake Mary Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Visitors are welcome and admission is free

Check out Trout Unlimited Grand Canyon Chapter.

Check out Our Conservation Work

Conservation is the protection, reconnection and restoration efforts of NAF’s Mission Statement. Our conservation work is done in cooperation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and U.S. Forest Service. Northern Arizona Flycasters partners with Trout Unlimited Grand Canyon Chapter on conservation and preservation efforts.

Let go Fishing

Whether you are a novice or proficient Flycaster the NAF outings provide an opportunity to learn new skills or share your knowledge. Outings are an opportunity to spend time and build camaraderie with others who enjoy flyfishing.  We hope you will join us on an outing.

Join or Renew the Northern Arizona Flycasters

We are seeking to reach the next generation of fly casters. Not yet a fly caster, we will help you learn.